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Lumber inventory control & management software

Discover the DTAILS™ you've been missing!

DTAILS™ is a comprehensive lumber inventory control software package intended to meet the needs of any lumber-based company from sawmills to resellers. With the out-of-box ability to adapt to any lumber inventory need DTAILS™ can track from tree to finished product, in multiple companies, without costly add-on packages. Whether your interests lie in milled green lumber, purchased kiln dried lumber, or finished wood products in open, or tag controlled environments DTAILS™ is the lumber software that accommodates almost any need with ease.

Web-based inventory management software

Developed and written using proven and secure, web-based technology DTAILS' PHP and PostgreSQL structure integrates seamlessly with existing company networks. And since DTAILS™ is a web-based software it can span multiple locations without the need for costly dedicated data lines. DTAILS™ allows every authorized user instant, secure access to inventory control from any connected computer without having to install, set up, or otherwise configure any special software package. Simply open an Internet browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and DTAILS™ lumber software is at your fingertips.

All the features you need, at no extra cost

DTAILS™ comes fully loaded with modules like: purchasing, shipping, sales, point of sale, accounts receivable, work orders, contact/company systems, instant reporting, and product management, thus eliminating the need for multiple lumber software packages to handle all aspects of your company's inventory control.

Get updates and new features, FREE!

DTAILS™ by Alliance Interactive is a cooperative development software where interested companies work with Alliance Interactive to develop new features in DTAILS™. All new features are circulated within the network of alliances, so while you may request one feature or simply by being an active member of the alliance, you may receive dozens more at no extra cost.

DTAILS™ lumber software is what your company has been waiting for! Join the alliance today!

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